Ode to Azurest
A pay in respect to a historical community; this detail oriented project brings back historical values of this culturally rich town. In collaboration with the Manhattan based firm Aarris Atepa Architects, we went above and beyond to ensure a long lasting marvel.
"Sag Harbor, an amazing whaling town in Long Island, is also known for its intensely unique cultural history.  Some of America’s most affluent African Americans made a home on is lovely shores.  It was Maude Terry along with her sister, Amaza Lee Meredith who spawned four black communities Azurest, Ninevah Beach, Eastville and Hillcrest Terrace.  In a time where they would otherwise be faced with horrific discrimination, African American’s were worry free on these beaches.  The architectural prototype developed for this home makes subtle references to this peace, serenity and sanctity of soul.  While at first glance it seems like a typical stylistic new residence, it’s significance is elevated with aesthetics that tell an American story.  It’s sloped walls and hues are precedented by the building forms of West Africa, a place of general family origination for this community.  Patterns delineating spaces, at first glance, serve to sculpt beauty and excellence, but actually send blessings especially to all who recognize them.  Included are Adinkra symbols Nsoromma, Dwennimmen and Nyama-Biribi-Wo-Soro, meaning  “child of the heavens”, “humility together with strength” and “God is in the heavens”, respectively.
While this architectural piece celebrates afro-cultural aspects of the composition and promenade, the design is also greatly influence by sustainable selections and detailing throughout.  From the natural limestone at the porch and the chemical-free porcelain cladding, to the salt water reflecting pool that respects the contextual ecosystems and the soil, preserving its biomass integrity; from the railings, roofing and custom windows, made from recycled glass, wood, aluminum and steel, to the formaldehyde-free Eco Plywood and the highly efficient Polyisocyanurate insulation that respects our most needed ozone layers, the elegance of the façade and honest sculptural message is supported by an ecologically friendly infrastructure, creating a holistically cohesive architectural sonnet, Ode to Azurest."
- Nicole Hollant-Denis, Main Designer / Principal; et al
Aaris Design Studio, PLLC

My Role: Assistant Project Manager, Designer, BIM Manager, Drafter & Renderer. Interior Renders by colleague Shomari Sealy. Content provided by Aaris Design Studios
Client: Bruce Bronster
Location: 11 Terry Drive, Sag Harbor, NY
Phase: Construction Documents
Lot Size: 13,702 Sq. Ft.
Cost: $3 M
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