Centro CoreoExploratorio para la Danza: 
Spaces and scenarios for the diversity of artistic practices about the body in movement.
In Puerto Rico, Dance as an artistic expression lacks space resources for the development of its practitioners. Experimental dance as professional discipline encompasses a diversity of non traditional practices about the body in movement. Therefore, the singularity of this practices involve unconventional spatial needs; spaces should foment the formulation of proposals without the limits that traditional venues bring. 

In his thesis proposal, former student of UPR Río Piedras, Ariel Cruz Ortíz, found that the professional artistic practice in experimental dance should be analysed as well as the spaces where it takes places; they should contribute in highlighting the values of its expression, from the starting point, to the production and diffusion of the artistic modalities. He used his findings as input for the development of design strategies, programmatic modulations, and tools that would lead in the creation of a campus with such qualities in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, one of the the Caribbean’s most prominent cradles in the academic and artistic scenes.
Designed by Ariel Cruz Ortíz
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