Urban Denizens is a Spain-Puerto Rico based design & research platform which operates in common spaces for the development of design & construction alternatives. Our matrix of international professionals collaborate for a common purpose; expanding the number of possibilities for individuals and communities in the built context: the City.
Please visit us at UrbanDenizens.net
Video: Ámbitos / Environments
Video Producer: Mathew Adriel
Music Producer: Xavier Lind
Singer: Gerardo Pomales
Location: Ave. Juan Ponce de León / City: San Juan, PR

“…I said, I’ve got the number one question that you’re going to ask yourself is, you’re going to do your own thinking, and give up, this means giving off all belief and I been taught to believe various things, and accepted them more or less rather orderly, I said, I’m going to give up on all those things, I got to start absolutely from the experience, experiential base. I said, do you have any personal experience which gives you reason to have to assume some greater operating in reserve for that amount. I said, I’m just overwhelmed by the evidence of that…” R. Buckminster Fuller on "Do Your Own Thinking ": Everything I Know Sessions, Philly, PA: 1975.​​​​​​​
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